Manager Caught Body Slamming Customer


Charlotte—The store manager at the Missha Hair Supply on Wilkinson Blvd gets caught on video fighting with female customer. The manager Go Lam Mang, 37 suspected the lady of stealing a pair of false eyelashes that retail for $ 3.99. Store employees checked her bag, but came up empty. The customer then tried to leave and was detained by Mang. The video shows Mang kick the woman and dragging her to the ground where he put her in a headlock.

Things didn’t go Mang’s way after police arrived. He was charged with Assault on a Female and taken to jail.

The woman was not seriously injured, but it makes you wonder what would make a store manager take such drastic actions for a $ 3.99 item?

Hopefully jail officials put him in a single cell because when this news gets inside the jail he will be sorry he ever laid a hand on that lady.

See video:

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