Man Missing During Storm Feared Murdered


A Little Washington man vanished during a raging hurricane nearly two decades ago, but authorities say it wasn’t the storm that got him; it was foulplay.

Marvin Earl Smaw, 30, a petty crook with a record of breaking and entering convictions, was last Oct. 25, 1999.
Smaw left his home the night Hurricane Irene was churning off the coast with a female companion. He’s never been seen or heard from again.
Investigators believe Smaw was murdered and his body buried near Interstate-95.

Smaw is described as a black male, 5-foot, 8-inches tall weighing 160 pounds.

He had black hair and brown eyes. It’s unknown what clothes he was wearing the night he disappeared.

While dental information isn’t available,

Smaw’s fingerprints are on file.

Anyone with information concerning Smaw’s whereabouts or fate should contact the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department.

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